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Tanzania, Africa

Today is my last day of my round world trip and i chose Tanzania to be my last as im going to be staying here for two days. On day one i brought my baggage to my hotel and immediately went to buy supplies for my hike of mount Kilimanjaro. I was staying in the city of Moshi. once i was ready i went with a team to climb to the peak of Kilimanjaro. it was an extremely difficult process but it was most definitely worth the challenge. The peak of the mountain was beautiful and it made me remember how beautiful this planet we call earth really is. We then descended the hill and i finally made it back to my hotel. With some time left i went out to eat to try new food and it was delicious. I then got my stuff together and went back to the airport for my plane ride all the way back home to Mississauga.

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South Africa, Africa

Today i landed in south Africa, Cape town. Cape Town is the oldest city in South Africa meaning it has lots of culture and people. I stayed in an Air bnb for the day so i left my bags there as i went exploring in the beautiful nature as Africa is really natural with not much natural attractions changed/modified like waterfalls and mountains, not too much man made structures on them. Also that day i went zip lining through trees and bodies of water, it was great!!!! i then went to the beach to spend the rest of my day there until night time i went to a restaurant then back home to sleep.

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Egypt, Africa

Today i landed in Egypt after quite a long air plane ride from Germany. It was about five and a half hours. I am going to the city of Cairo so i can see the many ancient tourist attractions like the pyramids and the sphinx. As usual i left my baggage in a hotel for the night as i went out exploring. I climbed to the top of the pyramids which took lots of effort to do. After that i then went to look at the Sphinx and take pictures of it. I really liked Egypt a lot, specially the food. Sadly i had to go to the hotel and sleep for my next day of traveling.

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Germany, Europe

I just landed in Germany and am going to be staying in the city called Berlin. I left my bags at my hotel and went to see the Berlin wall as it has lots of history and meaning. I then when to visit the house that Anne Frank used when she was in hiding. I like the culture and style of houses in Germany its different and very unique. I then went to eat a schnitzel. Why i enjoy Berlin so much is because its such a huge city with many things to do. The only con to Germany is how difficult it is to understand the German language.

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France, Europe

So I just landed today in Paris France. I was inspired to come here by the movie Ratatouille as it made Paris look very nice and fun. The first thing I did after checking in at my hotel was go straight to the Eiffle Tower. I went to the top to see all of Paris from a different perspective. After that I went to a store to grab some food and I got a chocolate croissant. After that I went to the catacombs of Paris on a tour in the parts that are public. I then continued my adventure by going to the airport to hop on the plane to my next destination!

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